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Lessons and conferences

“Voi che per li occhi mi passaste ‘l core” (G. Cavalcanti, “Rime”. “You, who do breach mine eyes and touch the heart”, en. tr. Ezra Pound)

The painful glance in Italian courtly poetry

The Ship and the Storm in the “Canzoniere”

Nautical images and metaphors

Love’s Loneliness in Petrarch’s “Rime”

With reminiscences of the poetry of Catullus and Propertius

The Seductive Dream of Earthly Happiness in Tasso’s Verses

From Tragic Despair at this World’s Futility to the Delirium of Love: “vanitas” and “voluptas”
Thematic comparison between Aminta and the siren-songs in Gerusalemme Liberata: metamorphoses in the garden of Armida
• Download Il sogno pdf

The Forms of Proteus. The Metamorphosis of Language and of Beings

Quer pasticciaccio brutto de via Merulana.(That Awful Mess on Via Merulana). The “mess” or “muddle” of words, images and metaphors: the mimesis of life also provides traces and signs of the changing of things in death and dreaming
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