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Latin and comparative literature

Geometry of the Centre and Extravagance of Analogy. Originality and Tradition in Catullus Poem 68 a (or 68b)

Formal and symbolic aspects of its ‘concentric’ structure;  Paradoxical relationships of comparisons and similes in some of Pindar’s Odes and in the poems of Catullus
An essay for a conference of the Society for the Study of Biblical and Semitic Rhetoric, entitled ‘Semitic Rhetoric and Beyond’, held at the Gregorian University, Rome, 2010.

Capriccio in Nude Minor

The sight of nudity in some ancient myths, reconsidered with reference to the writings of  Propertius, Ovid and Giordano Bruno.

The Simulacra of Imagery and the Contradictions of Pleasure

Lucretius and Leopardi: comparison of characters and limits of their materialism
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The Ambiguous Double Simile of the “perlucens rivus” (“Transparent Stream”) and of the “aura secunda” (“Gently-moving Breeze”, en. tr. L. C. Smithers, 1894) in Catullus’ Poem 68a (68b), 57-66

The exegetical finesse of two great philologists, R. Ellis and G. Friedrich
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