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Lessons and conferences

The Simulacra of Imagery and the Contradictions of Pleasure

Lucretius and Leopardi: comparison of characters and limits of their materialism
Download Lucretius, Sulla passione pdf
Download Leopardi, Sul piacere pdf

The Ambiguous Double Simile of the “perlucens rivus” (“Transparent Stream”) and of the “aura secunda” (“Gently-moving Breeze”, en. tr. L. C. Smithers, 1894) in Catullus’ Poem 68a (68b), 57-66

The exegetical finesse of two great philologists, R. Ellis and G. Friedrich
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The Simile of the Plucked Flower

A comparative literary study of the riddling properties of the simile from Homer to Sappho and Stesichorus, from Catullus to Virgil and Ovid
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The “Branch Wet with the Dews of Lethe” (“ramum Lethaeo rore madentem”, “Aeneis” V, 854, en. tr. T. C. Williams, 1910) and the two Gates of the Elysian Fields

Sleep and dreams in the Aeneid and in the Divine Comedy

Lyric in Horace: the Fleetingness and Intensity of Existence

A delicate fabric with life’s incidents as the weft and words and rhythm as the warp

Marginal Notes on the Yearning for a Return to Nature in the “Eclogues” and “Georgics”

Reality and Dreams in idyllic images

Secondary Tales in the “Satyricon libri” and “The Golden Ass”

Download Racconti secondari dell' Asinus aureus pdf
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