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The Forms of Proteus. The Metamorphosis of Language and of Beings

Quer pasticciaccio brutto de via Merulana.(That Awful Mess on Via Merulana). The mess or muddle of words, images and metaphors: the mimesis of life also provides traces and signs of the changing of things in death and dreaming


The theory of gnommero or gliuommero, a word, which in dialect means skein: tangle, mess, knot, muddle:
  1. Of investigation.
  2. Of surnames
    1. Menegazzi, Valdarena;
    2. Mussolinis nick-names: Deadhead (with a cocked hat/with plumes), Fierce-face, Buce, Maledito Merdonio consule (pestilent dictator Maledito Merdonio), Omnivisibile fetente salutato salvatore dItalia (Omnivisible, fetid, saluted Saviour of Italy) (vs. The invisible Omnipresent here means Satan, though elsewhere God), Big Jowl etc, etc. (The Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies quotes forty two other aliases).
  3. Two tremendous mimetic, comic issues:
    1. Signora Pettacchioni
    2. The telephone-calls muddle
  4. The muddle of Lilianas body: a bloodcurdling tragic issue, with some jarring juxtapositions (the macaronis)
  5. The chaos of the ego: Everyone of us appears to me as a tangle, or knot, or twine of physical and metaphysical connections [...] the events which can be registered from an external biography or from a more wide-ranging history of the circumstantial background, horribly subvert, and sometimes totally destroy, the noble constellations of internal linkages, which owe their existence to the native industriousness of the spirit [...]. From C. E. Gadda, Come lavoro, 1946, now in Id, I viaggi, la morte.
  6. A terrible muddle: Elvira Pacori and the muddle of arts and duties
  7. The muddle of the hens rope
  8. The stolen jewels
  9. Pestalozzis dream
Hypothesis: On the one hand, the mess is an effect, and a worrying sign, of crime, of violence and death; on the other, every name, every stone and every object is susceptible to having countless meanings, so, it can have neither boundary nor single definition.
Introduction, comment and reading with four voices. Liceo E. Q. Visconti, Rome, 2001.
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