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The Formidable Mountain and the Gentle Flower

A lecture about Leopardis Ginestra (Wild Broom): the two antagonists; aridity and ruin. Man faced with a choice between the cowardly and the heroic. The view-points of the fourth and the sixth stanzas: mental attitudes reflected in the landscapes
  1. Characters and themes
  2. The sixth stanza
  3. Space and time in Wild Broom
  4. The metamorphosis of the flood of lava and the blending of materials and colours
Presented, with recitations by the actress Vanna Logi, during a series of celebrations for the bicentenary of the birth of Giacomo Leopardi, Societ Dante Alighieri.
Palazzo Azzolino, Fermo, 1998.
Download La Ginestra-TestoA3.pdf
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