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Evil Spirits and the Symbolic Physiognomy of the Devil

in the Holy Scriptures, in Dante, in Botticellis Drawings, in medieval Bestiaries and Bas-reliefs from Ascoli and the Marche

  1. Meanings of monstra
  2. The Serpent-Demon (the Leviathan)
    The Asp and the Adder
    The throng of serpents in the seventh Bolgia
  3. Questions and doubts
  4. The devil
    The black devil
    The black Cherubim
  5. The mermaid
  6. The seducer
Here, I broke with my previous subject-matter. I introduced a new method that tries to combine scientific accuracy and some elements, so to speak, of spectacle: explanations alternated with slide shows, and recitations in which the actress Barbara Capponi provided a second voice. There are two reasons for using this method of exposition: it avoids boring the audience with long speeches by a single voice, and it underlines the encyclopaedic complexity of the subject.
Istituto Superiore di Studi Mediovali, Cecco dAscoli, Ascoli Piceno, 1999. Download pdf
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