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The snake and the metamorphoses of the Devil. The fall of Lucifer and the darkness. The seducer. Deliverance from evil and darkness

  1. The Erinyes and the snakes
    Iliad, Aeneid
    • Genesis, Revelation
    Acerba and the “bolgia” (ditch) of thieves
  2. The Song of Songs
  3. Devils
    Inferno: the “black devil”, Malebranche (Evil Claws)
    Revelation: Abaddon and the plague of locusts
    Inferno: the devils of the seducers and Botticelli
    Inferno: the “black cherubim” and Guido da Montefeltro
  4. The fall
    • Isaiah 14:12-15: The downfall of Lucifer
    • The fall of the great star Wormwood, the star from heaven fallen unto the earth, the abyss of the locusts
  5. The darkness
    • From the Ancients: the Ajax and the Erinyes in the Eumenides
    • For Jews: the sufferings of Job
    • For Christians: the contrast between light and darkness in John
  6. The seducer
    Inferno: Jason
    Notre-Dame in Strasbourg
  7. Deliverance from evil and darkness
The most complex and most ambitious lecture. Explanations and showing of slides; dramatic recitations with the voices of Selvaggia Quattrini and Raffaello Benedetti, and some of Bach’s music played by the violinist Filippo Fattorini. Sala della Clemenza in Palazzo Altieri, Rome, 2002.